Sara was born in the small town of Castlegar, BC, Canada. She came late to art, after a varied career in technology in the gambling, penitentiary and banking industries.

Throughout her early career, Sara worked on software development projects as a Project Manager.  She lived in Las Vegas for a year, where she observed those with extravagant lifestyles and those who went from all to nothing. She visited several US prisons and walked the halls of many correctional facilities. She also discovered the measured bureaucratic environment of a large international bank.

After getting married and having children, her life changed, as it does.  She found herself giving her time volunteering at her kids’ school and wanting for something more for herself. This is when she discovered that she had a hidden talent, quite by chance.

Now, as a self-taught artist, Sara has found great satisfaction in expressing her creativity.  With her husband, children and little Aussie Shepherd, she rarely runs out of inspiration.  She lives in beautiful West Vancouver and paints full-time. Sara’s current work focuses on movement and colour.  As a runner, she has found a way to transfer her energy to the canvas, with lots of brushstrokes (or sponge marks, palette knife marks, etc), and mixing of paint, then highlighting and toning up or down.  There is usually an obvious focal point in her most current series of art works.

Today Sara Gardner’s work can be found in many private collections throughout North America and she has also exhibited in Europe.